The White House

Chapter 1

Do you ever think about the White House? Well then you’re in luck, cause this paper is about the White House. The person who built it was James Hoban. He built it in 1792, but it didn’t last for long. It burned in 1812. But thank goodness it was rebuilt in 1817. The White House is one of the presidents main living resourses.

Chapter 2

Inside and outside

The White House is awesome inside and outside. Well I think the outside is all white and I mean ALL white. Plus, it is huge! Now let’s talk about the inside. It has a bowling alley and a theater.  I almost forgot of course it has private rooms for family and friends. There are many different color rooms to tour. It is awesome, amazing, cool, relaxing and comfortable. Now I am almost out of words. Well not really.

Now it is time to throw out an interesting fact. George Washington was the first president and he never lived in the White House. He chose the location though!