- Physical

Have a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and have regular doctor check-ups.


See the positive side to everything, find ways to manage stress, and be flexible to changes in life.


Learn from mistakes and do better, solve problems with creativity.


Be good at communicating, interacting with others, being loyal, and being honest.


Follow religious beliefs, have values and morals, and

Risk Factors

-Self-destructive behavior: drug abuse;Bad eating and exercising habits

-Environment: exposure to carcinogens, practice good sanitation

-Genetics: Birth defects/family history

How to promote wellness

-Good Nutrition: to promote healthy growth, regulate body functions, and practice food safety.

-Physical Activity: practice it regularly, prevent chronic disease, and reduce risk factors.

-Health Screenings: blood tests, mammograms, blood pressure, colonoscopy, vision checks, prostate exams, and dental check ups.

-Stress Management: body's reaction ("fight or flight"); avoid, alter, accept, and adapt to stress; make time to relax and have fun, and have a healthy lifestyle.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Health Practices

-Chiropractic: manipulation of spine, joints, and tissues; treatments are exercise and counseling

-Herbal remedies: traditional medicine practice, standards of purity and dosage isn't mandated in the US

-Massage therapy: manipulation of tissue to enhance function and promote relaxation; methods are: pressure, tension, motion, and vibration

-Relaxation Technique: anything that helps a person relax

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