Northwest Coast Indians- They had an abundance of animals in the land surrounding them. Their villages were located close to the ocean. They had plenty of wood to build homes. They even created a conoe that could hold up to 50 people.

California- They had mild weather. Those who lived next to the sea fished and lived on plants, but those who were further inland hunted small game.

The Plateau- Lived between the cascade and rocky mountains. There were many large rivers that supplied them with food and water. During the winter they lived underground

The Great Basin- Lived in Nevada, Utah, and most of Colorado. The weather was hot and dry. They had to dig to find most of their food

The Southwest- Some were hunters and gatherers while some were farmers. They were very skilled farmers. They made canals for irrigation. \

The Plains- Lived in the plains from the Mississippi to the Rocky Mountains. They had plenty of animals to provide them with food.

Northeast- Lived near rich rivers and forest. Some moved around while others built permanent homes. They were at war with each other.

The Southeast- They were the most populated in the U.S. Some hunted, but most were farmers.

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