Career Research Project
Will Chaney
Civil Engineer

Professional Requirements

Bachelor's degree in science in Civil Engineering

Pass the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam

Pass the Principles and Practices of Engineering Exam

The Future

Civil Engineering has a very bright future. with the new technology that is to come in the future the Civil Engineers will need to improve their ways to adapt to the future. This profession will have to take new risks to keep the world on the path of cutting edge technology. Engineers will have to figure out a way to integrate this technology into the roads, bridges and buildings.


The average salary of a Civil Engineer is approximately $80,770 a year. The average salary of a Civil Engineer has grown since 2004. In 2004 a Civil Engineer earned $68,290 a year and has been growing gradually. The top 10 percent of Civil Engineers earn $126,190 yearly income.


Civil Engineering is the job for me because I am fascinated by it. When I was in sixth grade I met my best friend A.J. When we started to become close friends his dad Justin told us the story of him buying the family business of Miller Trucking And Excavating. Once he told us that story A.J. and I made a promise that we would buy the business once we finished college.


The college that I would like to attend to study the career of Civil Engineering is Iowa State University. ISU is well known for its engineering program. This college is ranked 35th in the nation for its engineering program. ISU is located in the town of Ames Iowa. The student attendance of ISU is 34,732 students. The yearly tuition for one that will attend out of state is $32,390.

"Juice has to be worth the squeeze"
-Justin Miller

This quote is important in my life because it teaches me that you should do something only if it is worth the work. This will affect my future because it will influence the important business discussions in the future.

Role Model

My role model in my life is my dad Mark. He plays an important part in my life. Throughout my life he has taught me how to many things. It seems like everyday he is teaching me new things every single day. My dad is always there for me when I need him. He is the one that I look up to no matter what happens. Even though he can get mad at me for certain stuff I always know that he is only mad because he wants me to be the best that I can.


This article talks about how Civil Engineering and its affects on the world. The article states, "Civil engineering is the oldest branch of the profession of engineering after military engineering. Many of the important things in our lives that we take for granted are the product of civil engineering". This article also go on to talk about all of the things Civil Engineering has to offer and how it impacts the world. It also talks about how Civil Engineering is a major asset of connecting our would with nature by helping to preserve the environment

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