A Moment to Remember

     I've had good and bad moments but I wanna tell you guys about the moment of my life, it’s not just good, not great, but one that was amazing and unlike any other day. It didn’t feel like a special day at first until . That day I woke up and my dad came into my room to tell me something amazing, he told me that he had found a soccer club team called United looking for players and the tryouts were later that day and the next day. It was a big game changer in my life.

     Now I know it isn’t that cool for many people to hear me talk about how I made a club soccer team but it’s not just about me making the team. This was a great opportunity for me because I loved soccer and wanted to get more serious about soccer. Playing on the soccer team taught me a lot and the coach, Tyler Nash was and still is a great role model and is someone who I did and still do look up to. He taught us how to play soccer, after we learned self discipline, responsibility, and leadership as well as playing and working together as a unit or team. This team rounded me and made me a better player but I learned, everything comes before soccer no matter what it is, even though soccer is pretty important.

     This soccer team was my first team in club soccer and I'm glad it was. My coach taught us so many things about soccer and even life. He wanted us to win and would give us the motivation to win no matter what we were doing whether it was soccer or anything else.

     He would always tell us "I can't hop out there and play for you guys, I can't make you guys want to win, I can't make this game turn out as a win."

     He would always remind us that there were more important things in life but when it became game time thats what we focussed on.

     He told us, "if you want something bad enough, no matter what it was, you have to want it more than the next person in order to succeed. It will always take 212 degrees" (energy)

    My coach was and still is a huge role model to me, he has taught me a lot about life had has helped me learn to achieve something you want and that if there is something you want then you have to try with all of your power to get it or just succeed. After three years of playing for him the club had ceased to a stop I was forced to find another team while he had decided to take a break from coaching. I couldn’t find a team or coach that was as good as the past one. It was a big deal when I had heard that he wasn’t going to coach anymore, I had tried so many times to convince him that he should continue with coaching as he had already taught me a lot over the three years of playing for him and he was very different from other coaches out there. After looking for other teams I only found one that I was interested in, KC Blaze. I ended up playing for them for a total of one season because it still wasn't as fun as playing for United being coached by Tyler.

     After trying a couple of different teams and begging Tyler to come coach again I finally figured out that it wasn't going to work out. Ever since then I have not played for a club soccer team. I do still play a lot of soccer playing for the school team during the fall and then playing indoor soccer with my dad’s adult team every sunday night. Everything has changed since then because I do have more free time but I would rather be running sprints and playing soccer with the United team that I loved so much and that taught me so much. Maybe some day I will finally be able to find a soccer team just as good as the United one that I will always remember.

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