Chinese Empires

Sui, Tang, and Song Dynasties

The Sui Dynasty (581-618 CE) was led by a powerful leader named Wendi. Wendi started to form a centralized government, created a new legal code, and reformed Bureaucracy. Also the Sui Dynasty was the start of the Grand Canal which open trade and the expansion of the great wall.

The Tang (618-907 CE), were led by many different people. They were led by a Sui General, Taizong, and Wu Zhao (Wife of the Son of Taizong) in the capital city of Chang'an. One of their biggest achievements was to let Wu Zhao be the empress of China. She is the only woman in Chinese history to be a Chinese ruler.

The Song Dynasty had scholar-officials whom were high up in the government body lead their dynasty. The Song had two periods of time in which at one point they were the Northern Song(960-1127 CE), and then another time period in which they were the Southern Song(1127-1279 CE). They were forced to leave their northern land because it was decided in a court that they could no longer push back the nomadic invaders.


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