The Characteristics of a Free Enterprise

-TJ Stitts-

Economic Freedom

The image above shows a young man selling a product of his choice using his own advertisement, demonstrating our economic freedom.

Voluntary Exchange

Two individuals are trading fish for seeds, showing the act of buyers and sellers freely and willingly engaging in market transactions.

Private Poperty

People have the right to privately own and control property such as the jet in the image above.

Profit Motive

Business all have different profit motives. Some want just make profit, others work towards a specific goal.


Competition is demonstrated above by having workers all "race" to the consumer.

Actors of Free Enterprise: Government

This video shows how the government provides goods and services, and regulates businesses so that they continue to produce goods that are healthy and acceptable in a way that keeps prices affordable.

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2 years ago

Your video does an excellent job showing how the government is involved in an economy. It explains that some government regulation is needed in the economy to keep businesses producing goods and services for the people at fair prices and the government can provide some goods and services for the people that are needed.

2 years ago

For some reason, I was unable to view your video, but the rest of your tackk was informative. You related the economic goals with easily understood photos that you explained clearly.

2 years ago

Your explanation for the picture you used for competition was clever and made the concept easier to understand. The video was very informative and gave a clearer insight to government involvement in our economy.

2 years ago

Great way to explain profit motive. 😂 I think it could've been more specific, but overall good job. 👍