My name is Aisley Niles reporting to you from Spokane Valley, Washington.  This year I had an amazing summer filled with tons of fun.  In June when the school year ended I spent countless hours at the pool just cooling off.  As we moved into July I spent a few weekends on Lake Coeur d'Alene with my family boating, tubing, and simply staying cool on those 90 degree temp days.

In August I turned up the heat just a notch as we drove to Moses Lake to spend time with Ohana (which means family).  My grandparents from Hawaii flew in to Seattle and joined us in Moses Lake for the weekend; and then traveled back to Spokane with us to spend another two weeks.  Our goal was to do as much as we possibly could with them while they were here.  We spent a day at Greenbluff picking peaches, took them for afternoon walks on the Centennial Trail to see the beauty of the Northwest, and we spent a day out at Silverwood.  And before I knew it August had come to an end and Grandma & Grandpa returned back home to Hawaii :(

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My first time picking fresh peaches from High Country Orchard, at Greenbluff, WA.

To me this was one of the most played songs over the #SummerOf2014!!  "why you gotta be so rude"