The Best Number  Is 39 Yttrium

  • Element name :is Yttrium  
  • Symbol:y
  • Atomic Number :39
  • Atomic Weight:88.9058
  • Standar state: solid at 298 k
  • Group in period table:3

  • Group Name :(none)
  • Period in Period table : D-block
  • Colour: Silvery white
  • Classification : metallic  
  • Yttrium: Physical properties
    - Melting point : 1779 [or 1526℃ (2779℉)]
    -Boiling point:3609[or 3336℃ (6037℉)]
    -Density of Solid : 4472 kg m-³


It was discovery by Johan Gadolin . The date that was discovery  in 1974. The origianl name is yttrium is name after ytterby , sweden .

Interesting Fact

Yttrium provides the red present in early colour television screens (hence the background echo of the Warner Bros “That’s all Folks” cartoon splash screen) and is also used in radar technology.

A soft, silvery metal used in television screens to produce the colour red. It is also employed in superconductors

The largest use of yttrium is in the form of yttrium(Ill) oxide, which is used to produce phosphors which give the red colour in colour television tubes. It is also used in the making of microwave filters. Yttrium is often used as an additive in alloys, and increases the strength of aluminium and magnesium alloys. It is also used as a detoxifier for non-ferrous metals. It has been used as a catalyst in ethylene polymerisation. Yttrium-90, a radioactive isotope, has a medical use in needles which have replaced the surgeon’s knife in killing pain-transmitting nerves in the spinal cord.

Yttrium has no known biological properties, and is a suspected carcinogen

Yttrium occurs in nearly all the ‘rare earth’ minerals. It is recovered commercially from monazite sand and bastnaesite by reduction with calcium metal.


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