Overcrowded Train System (Issue 1)

The biggest issue Japan struggles with is transportation. One very extreme case is the train system in Toyko. Toyko was not designed with personal transportation in mind. Therefore, the train system in Toyko has to accommodate about 8.7 million riders daily. This leads to dangerously packed trains and some riders having to actually go to the hospital. The infographic above proves just how dangerously packed the trains are. Because this issue is dangerous and avoidable, we ranked it the largest issue in Japan.  

Shiiki, Kohji. "As a result, most metro lines are dangerously overcrowded, with
some lines running at 199% capacity." Business Insider. Business Insider,
11 Jan. 2012. Web. 29 Apr. 2015. <http://www.businessinsider.com/

Neighboring Relations
(Issue 2)

As a result of their military expansion Japan finally can start to defend against China's attempts to take over the islands surrounding Japan. Chinese ships and aircraft have stepped up intrusions in to Japanese airspace. China has also using propaganda to falsely accuse of Japan of returning to its former wartime aggression. China's military costs last year were over $100 billion higher than Japan's exclusively defensive military. Japan has also stayed away from nuclear deterrent so they are vulnerable to missile threat. Japan's conservative prime minister Shinzo Abe is the one responsible for this military upgrade, he promised this change when he first was elected Prime Minister and was finally brought on by the intrusions of China and other military happenings. This cartoon shows how China uses propaganda to accuse Japan of returning to militarism, and how China is quietly becoming a growing threat.

Declining Population (Issue 3)

My topic is how Japan has a falling population. By 2060 Japan is predicted to have 87 million population. They peaked at 127.3 million a couple years ago. Japan has a falling population due to lack of births. If Japan keeps on having a declining population then the power they have will start to dwindle. Japan will need more people to join their military because they will be open to attacks.

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Air Pollution (Issue 4)

This word cloud displays different things that go through your head while thinking about air pollution. Huffing for the way that people sound while trying to breath in a heavily polluted area. C2O and coal emissions are some of the leading polluting substances in the air. This pollution in the air makes Japan seem foggy just like when you are in the clouds. When people live in a air polluted area they can develop asthma, pollinosis, and even lung cancer. Many of the people that live in a polluted area with these conditions will end up dying if the do not do something about it.

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