Paper Gift Bag, a Low-Carbon Way for Gift Packing

Cheap rigid paper box such as the green paper gift bag is also known as low-carbon paper gift bag packing. As paper gift bag will be taken as green paper gift bag, plastic packaging is positioned in the opposite of low-carbon paper gift bag packing.

The realization of low-carbon paper gift bag packing of different corporations is not the same in different time. Most of the early realization of green paper gift bag Packaging Corporation is the export corporation. This kind of company is affected greatly by international market to know green packaging earlier with more deep understanding and quick development. But in the internal market, oriented companies have the comparatively slow reaction of green paper gift bag. In addition, it is the instability of local development. The paper gift bag in developed area develops quickly. However, the Midwest has not gotten enough attention and develops slowly.
The key of the final realization of green paper gift bag is to develop the low-carbon paper gift bag packing. So, an instant matter of the moment is to develop new paper gift bag to take place of the initial pollution material. Green paper gift bag materials to develop packing should perform the green packaging system "4RID" principle. To be addicted to the development of natural low-carbon paper gift bag package, edible packaging material and ecological packaging materials are suggested.
The paper gift bag culture plays an important role in the logistics culture for the logistics, manufacturing, marketing, product design demands. And green chocolate packaging box makes together with care of the cultural. Green paper gift bag culture included the theory of sustainable development, ecological economics and ecological ethics under the direction of the theory through the paper gift bag packaging indication of green. It is difficult to achieve the materials and design of low-carbon paper gift bag packing. To meet the building of green paper gift bag culture, we must enhance the staffs' awareness of green gift packaging box and regularly implement the green packaging training and lectures. We need to add green paper gift bag packaging contents in company culture, and make more personnel to recognize green paper gift bag packaging.
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