Explorer Proposal

His Majesty, King Frederik of Naples IV:

I, Mira Eisenhauer of Barcelona, Spain, have a proposal to further push the exploration of the world’s wonders, expand and improve your majesty’s realm, and awe the population with tales of faraway places across the great seas. If it pleases your majesty, I plan to leave for the parts of the world unknown December of 1499. I am one of the many loyal citizens in your majesty’s kingdom of Spain, and I hope that your majesty will give a small sum of money to help you majesty’s glorious kingdom. Gold, silver, and other precious natural resources will be at your disposal for the good and defense of your majesty’s kingdom.

In the place that I intend to set sail for, it has been rumored that there are cities made of gold. There is a place called Mexico, which is where I hope to find these things. The lure of the ocean and what lies beyond is irresistible, and the drive to find the wild lands of unexplored and uncharted adventure has it's own allure.

France and England have made advances to take over the New World. Francisco Coronado has already explored part of the New World, and it would be my honor to help him with his work. John Cabot has already explored part the New World, looking for gold and resources to aid his king.

There are surely natives in the place that I plan to explore, and I will convert them to Roman Catholicism and trade with them for the benefit of your majesty’s kingdom. I will avoid the areas that contain violent natives and other explorers. I expect to encounter many obstacles, from wild animals to aggressive natives, from starvation to disease, but I have been trained to endure the hardest conditions on earth. All that I require to succeed is a small ship with provisions and water, as well as money to help fund the journey.

I have honor to remain, Sir, Your Majesty's most humble and obedient subject,

Mira Eisenhauer, explorer of the seven seas and untamed wilderness

This is a detailed map of the New World made by the finest cartographers in Europe.

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