Abigail Massey

Natural Fibers


Cotton is soft and white. It is attached to the seed of a cotton plant. Most widely used of all natural fibers. Grown in the Southern U.S. It is cool to wear, wrinkles easily, and strong.


Wool is the fiber that forms the coat or fleece of all sheep. It is primarily found in Australia, South America, and United Kingdom. It is soft and resilient. Naturally flame retardant. It shrinks if machine washed.


Flax is the fiber that comes from the stem of a flax plant. It is used for pants, Blazers, Table linens, and Upholstery. It is grown and harvested primarily in Eastern Europe. It is durable and strong, comfortable and cool, and lastly, it is supposed to be hand washed and dry cleaned.


Silk is the fine, lustrous fiber that comes from a cocoon spun by a silkworm. It is primarily produced in Asia, Thailand, China, India, and Madagascar. Silk is luxurious, strong, expensive, and it weakens with exposure to sun.

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