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Let's look at some of people's thoughts on living in Constantinople!

"I've been living in Constantinople for quite a while, and I can honestly say that I love it here! There's no intruders, thanks to the huge wall around the city, and the church is absolutely mind-blowing!" -Robert Hemmings

"Living in Constantinople was the best decision I've ever made. Spending time at the Hippodrome is so fun! I get to see a whole bunch of chariot races, which is my favorite thing ever! Did you know we're more advanced than Western Europe? How amazing is that?" -John Irwin

"Constantinople is the best place to live! Most people speak Greek, we go to church daily, and trading is the best! We even have a sewer system! After Justinian rebuilt the city, it was better than ever! He established new laws, and extended women's property rights!" -Elizabeth Clifford

"Oh yes, I love living in Constantinople! It's a great place for family. Crime is handled very well, I guess you could say! Also, the trade market is a superb place to get lots of goods!" -Margaret Hood

As you read above, people love Constantinople! People go to church daily, and the government system is religious! Whenever there's a dispute, the king, Justinian calls in bishops to solve the matter. Doesn't that sound stress-free? Also, you will be well protected from intruders because of the huge wall surrounding the city! Another pro is that crime is handled very seriously in Constantinople. It's not something that Justinian takes lightly. But, the trade market is superb, since we are in the middle of Europe! Most people speak Greek, attend church daily, go to the Hippodrome, and other enjoyable things! The last, but not only pro, is that Justinian changed some laws for the better, so now women have more rights! If you don't want to move here now, I don't know what's wrong with you!

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