Oil Slick ( Sheet A) By:Cole Hadley

I first approached the problem by turning the area of the oil spill into shapes such as Rectangles, Triangles, Circles, and squares. After I did that I found the measurements of each such as base & height. While doing that I had to remember that the scale was 1 cm=15 miles.

I figured out that the total area of the oil spill was 1,832.175 Miles squared.


1.   I do not think that my area is the exact measurement because sometimes I would have to leave a little bit of the spill out out so I make an even shape.

2. I think my area of the oil spill is of by around 80-100 Miles Squared. I expect my answer to be less than the actual area, because I had to leave some parts of the spill out to make an even shape.

My Work