Come to Cuzco, The Inca Empire

                              Inca Empire- Connecting People since 1400 C.E.

The Inca Empire is in the glorious Andes mountains, with lush greenery, high above the ground.

~ Bring your family and live in an ayllu, you would have your own farm land and home!

~ If you are a man you GET to pay a public duty tax by contributing your hard work to government projects, such as repairing roads, building store houses, or working in mines. Isn't that great?

~ Enjoy the gourmet guinea pigs, squash, peppers, beans, peanuts, and much more. We also have 200 different kinds of potatoes locally grown.

~ Witness the throwing of the fiery corn to encourage the sun to rise!

~ Worship the many gods, such as Inti- the sun god, Paca Mama- the Earth Mother, and Mama Cocha- goddess of the sea.

~ Your social class would more than likely be a Commoner! You can help the community by farming, herding, and harvesting crops to give to the government!     

Run along the 15,000 miles of road to deliver important messages, you can also use chasquis to help remember your message.

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