Local and Global Weather Patterns

What is sea breeze?

A sea breeze is when the surface of earth is heated by the sun and that is when the sea breeze starts.

This is a land breeze land breeze is when warmer surface water that  is heated and  it rises  by pulling air from the land surface.

What is air?

Wind is air in motion it is purduced by the uneven heating  of the earths surface by the sun.

What is the jet steam?

A jet steam goes 5 to 7 miles into space. The jet stream forms in the upper toposphere between two air masses of very diffrent temperaturs.

What are Global Wind Patterns?

Global wind patterns are made up of warm air.Between thirty to sixty degrees latitude  the winds puduce  general upward winds as thay are heated so thar are not steady surface wind.

What are prevailing westerlies?

Prevailing westerlies are the winds that move curve to the east.

What causes wind?

Warm air which weighs less could air.

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