A bartender is a person who serves and mixes drinks behind a bar.

I don't plan to make this my life time career; but a beginning career, to start off in.

Job Tasks

Bartenders have to clean glasses, take beverage orders, mix ingredients, plan bar menus, supervise customers, and more.

Job Environment

The Job Environment for a bartender is indoors, crowded, noisy, loud, and more. They also work during night shifts for an average of 7-8 hours standing and moving around.

Education Needed

The Education needed for a bartender are some classes you take to get prepared. This job doesn't require going to college but it does require knowing somethings to learn recipes, moves, regulations, basic coursework on different types of alcohol, making drinks, basic liquor law and how to work with the equipment and supplies. You do have to get a certification for the job; you can get this by going to bar tending schools, completing an online training course, or by enrolling in training classes offered by the restaurant they are applying to.

Job Rewards

Some Job Rewards for a Bartender are financially, flexibility, moving around, fun, communication, etc.

A bartender don't make the best amount of money but it's not bad. It would be lots of fun, and have many advantages.

By: angeles Diaz

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