Rehabilitation Counselor

Katelyn Scharmer
Career Report Assignment

Job Description

You talk and listen to patients that are trying to come back from being addicted to some sort of substance and need someone to guide them or just someone to listen to what they have to say. Sometimes when working with this job you can be at a rehabilitation center which is supposed to be like a vacation/ get away for the patients. The overall goal of this job is to help people overcome their problems and try to start working on their new lifestyle.

Educational Requirements

Most employers require a Master's Degree in this field of work. To enter a master's-level program a Bachelor's degree is sometimes accepted but is the lowest degree for this field of work. They also usually require a period of time where you are supervised or you may start with an internship.

Personal Skills and Requirements

For this job you need to be an active listener so that you can catch everything your patient is telling you and be able to respond to everything they are telling you. You also need to have Social Perceptiveness so that you can notice a persons reaction to something you or they say so you can tell what is bothering them or something else like that. Lastly you need to be a good speaker, you need to be able to explain something to your patient in a fast and easy to understand way.

Salary or Wages

The median pay in California ( where I plan to move) is 36,700. And the median pay in Minnesota is 43,680. And lastly the median pay in Michigan is 45,120.

Advantages or Benefits

One advantage would be to feel good about helping other people with their problems. Another advantage would be that some people would find you helpful and keep coming back to talk to you and it would be easier to keep clients. The last advantage would be that you're basically getting paid to give someone the best advice that you can think of or just sitting and listening to someone.


One disadvantage would be that you might not be able to help every person that comes in to talk to you, some people's problems may be too advanced for just talking to fix. Another disadvantage would be that sometimes you just might not know what advice to give to a person or might not think that a problem can be fixed but you can't tell them that. The last disadvantage would be that you have to go through a lot of schooling to get a good job in this field.

Outlook for the future

The growth rate for this job in the future is 17.5%. This career is seeing high demand compared to other careers. There will be a need for about 640 new Rehabilitation Counselors to meet market demand between 2010-2020.

Promotion or Advancement opportunities

The higher the degree you get in college the higher you're going to go up on the job scale. Also the more experience you have with counseling with affect how high of a job that you get. And lastly you will attract more clients if you have more experience and a better reputation.

High School Courses You Can Take

  • Anatomy
  • Chemistry
  • Community Health
  • Computer Applications
  • Human Development
  • Medical Ethics
  • Nutrition
  • Research Methods
  • Safety and First Aid/CPR
  • Sociology
  • Statistics
  • World Languages

Related Careers

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling
  • Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors
  • Child, Family, and School Social Workers
  • Healthcare Social Workers
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers
  • Health Educators
  • Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists

Minnesota State University Mankato

They have a master's level training program for this field of work. Majors in this degree program are admitted upon application of the College of Graduate Studies and Research based upon GPA from the last 90 credits from a quarter system or 60 credits from a semester system of undergraduate work and/or graduate level work completed after earning an undergraduate degree, but prior to applying to this program. The college had a decent size campus and a very nice sports program.

Your Headline


I think this career fits me very well because I enjoy to listen to people and give them advice, a skilled listener was one of my skills on my test. I would enjoy this career because it fits with my personality and what my interests are. I selected this career because when I was talking about careers I might want to get into my parents suggested this and I have been interested in it since then.



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