The Best of Tamil Nadu

The Indian State of Tamil Nadu is an amazing place to visit. The ancient Dravidian culture, beaches, tourist destinations, and pilgrim spots make Tamil Nadu one of the must visit places in India. We list down places you must visit and stay in Tamil Nadu.


Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is also known as the getaway to South India. It is busy yet soothing, conservative yet open to take foreign influences. Temples, museums, beaches, and galleries are the major tourist attraction in Chennai.


Kanchipuram is also known as the ‘city of thousand temples’. Kanchipuram is also synonymous to the distinctive silk saris manufactured here. It is located about 80kms away from Chennai, was once the capital of the Pallava dynasty. Many rulers have reign in this territory and had built many temples here. However, today there are only 100 of them existing. Kanchipuram, Mammallapuram, and Chennai are often referred to as Tamil Nadu's Golden Triangle for tourists.


Ooty came into being as the British summer headquarters for the Chennai government in the 19th century. Ooty now is one of the most sought after honeymoon destination in India. The pleasant ambience and tourist attractions make for a wonderful getaway. To take your holiday experience to another level, reside in Club Mahindra’s Derby Green.


Masinagudi has host of activities such as trekking, elephant safari, and river rafting. Trekking in the virgin forests of Masinagudi through the dry deciduous tracks taking a peep into the immense natural wealth of flora and fauna will be a thrilling experience for the nature lovers. The chances to spot wild life and exotic birds are significantly increased while you trek in Masinagudi. One could also trek through the open meadows alongside the water bodies such as streams and river. To make your stay even pleasant Club Mahindra has luxurious hotel stays to offer you with.