Ancient Egypt

An ancient world

Stable Food Supply

Egyptians became successful farmers in the desert because the Nile river gave the plants water and the irrigation they used was canals and trenches to direct the water to the crops. The farmers grew wheat and barley and water was also there source of food.

Social Structure

This pyramid shows the levels of power and importance.That is why peasants are at the bottom and the pharaoh is at the top.


System of Goverment

The Egyptians three important government officials was vizier, the chief treasurer, and the general of the armies. The vizier was the most powerful besides the pharaoh. The Pharaoh was the one who made all the decisions and ruled the pyramids and made laws. Khufu helped establish the pharaoh as a central authority. He controlled a large network of government officials who carried out his laws. He also built a famous pyramid. Senusret was a strong leader who ruled a stable, unified Egyptian art, literature, and architecture flourished during his reign. One of his finest achievements of architecture was building the white chapel. He controlled mines filled with gold, copper, and gems such as purple amethyst. Hatshepsut was Egypt's first female leader. One of her greatest achievements was her rise to power. Rameses II is one of the most famous pharaohs. He is best known for his military achievement and for building numerous monuments. Pharaohs kept their society orderly and protected their civilization with the help of their guards and army.

The Arts

Egyptians had paintings mostly of warriors or pharaohs or famous Egyptians. The sculptures they made were pyramids, pharaohs, and/or gods.

Advances in Technology

The technology that Egyptians used to make their lives better were pyramids, temples, and irrigation The irrigation they used was canals and trenches.

Written language

The Egyptians writing was symbols and pictures. The tools they used for writing were reed brushed, papyrus, wood, stone, and pottery ostraca. We know what the egyptians writings mean because there is the roseta stone which is like and answer key and the writing is called hieroglyphics and they represent defferent objects, actions, sounds, or ideas.

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