Week 6: Writing is Evaluating

Get Started on Week 6

  1. Don't skip viewing the guided instructor videos from John Galligan (another Madison College instructor) in the content this week--you will benefit enormously from seeing how instructors look at what you've submitted.
  2. The peer review of essay 2 must come in on time for credit. If your peer review is not getting done, email your instructor and your classmate to let them know. If I'm notified in a timely fashion, I'll open up an extra credit opportunity to other students. So don't forget to check your Madison College email this week!
  3. Just a reminder about the in-text parenthetical citations for web pages. By web pages, I mean the sources you probably found using Google, NOT the sources you found in the library. Include in the parenthesis the first word that appears in the Work Cited entry corresponding to the citation (e.g. author name, article name, website name, film name). Web pages do not need page numbers or paragraph numbers.
  4. In your Works Cited page, for the pages you found using Google my special request is that you provide the URL after the access date. That's not required in MLA formatting, but it's super helpful to me. I can use the URL to check you got the source correctly cited (and I won't make so many mistakes hunting for it on my own).
  5. You do NOT need the URL for sources you found through the Madison College library article databases. The citation tells me the correct database to use, and I can find it on my own.
  6. Excellent students review instructor feedback in the blue bubbles and markups on their papers, not just the grading rubric. Be excellent!

Recap of Week 5 Work:

Last week was really challenging because you cranked out a first draft of Essay 2 and finished up all your research! You should really proud of yourself for meeting the deadlines and achieving so much. You have grown!

One thing that is still stumping many of us is how to cite the articles in Madison College databases. The FANTASTIC thing about using library sources is that we provide MLA format citations you can copy/paste! Here's a picture of the button in the database you press; the CITE button is highlighted in yellow below:

Once you click on that "CITE" button, you'll have to scoll to pick the correct documentation format. Look for MLA or Modern Language Association, highlighted in yellow below:

Overview and Goals for Week 6

This week, you begin by peer reviewing the rough drafts of Essay 2 your classmates created. That's a great part of a writing community like ours; you learn from people who are in your shoes! Then, you'll revise and submit a final version of Essay 2 for grading and instructor feedback. This should be your best writing so far in the course. This paper is a bit of a treat for me to read because I get to hear about how you approached this research, and what you think was most helpful in answering your question.

By the end of this week, you will be able to:

  • apply a grading rubric to improve your writing
  • revise your writing based on peer feedback
  • edit and proofread your work for accuracy, precise language, style, and correctness.
  • assess the helpfulness of peer comments

Good luck! You can do it!

“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.”
~ Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
Nobel Peace Prize winner