By Speaker Knocker


I believe in doing me
the feeling of know I made it through everything life could throw.
The struggle
The disappointments,
The loss,
The accomplishments,the hardship,the maturity,
But I don’t believe in failure.
I believe in Finessing.
I believe in My God.
I believe in Myself, My family, My friends, And I believe in making a living and being a better man than.

The Come Up

Its simple, my credo is one word, Finesse. This means to not to steal but to build your empire, let it run it self, nothing major. Finesse means you must be able to hold your own and talk/persuade your way to the top. Finesse, I was 10 when I learned that finessing was the way to go. My father didn’t want to put the time into me unless I was coming on top, other than that, I was nothing. Finessing comes within maturity and realization, you’ll know when finessing is for you from past and present events. These beliefs are important to me because they define me. They make me strive for greatness and the best in life. Seeing the struggles and being able to finesse my way through them, its the greatest feeling. Finessing can point you out from the group as well, one out of a thousand people have the ability to finesse through it. No, My credo will never change. Finessing will be my main focus, it doesn’t matter if its in the office or on field. My credo is already shaping my future by helping me become the man I should be to be successful. My future is a big map built and stringed around the word finessing, If let too many people, I could be finessed out of my riches in vice versa. In conclusion, Finessing is the one of many ways my life is set up, the way I have extra-curricular activities set such as Football, I had to take and give to get where I am now. Finessing is not for everybody, but if the shoe fits, wear it. Everybody shouldn’t finesse, if they did, it would be the new stealing to be honest. If others finessed, nobody would benefit because everybody would try to get something from or out of you.

By Donavon Davis

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