Change and Continuity Over Time Essay Essay

Think of this as a compare/contrast essay of a place compared to itself.  There are characteristics or practices that won't change (much), and there will be some that do.  If you can identify these trends and explain why, then you're in good shape!

Interactive Map

In the map below, check out the layers for regions, trade networks, and civilizations we've studied by unit.  See which civilizations or societies have called the region home over the years!

Common Mistakes When Starting Out

1. Not Planning!  Take the time to think about what you want to say before writing!

2. Wrong Region: Practice making mental maps of the part of the world where societies are!

3. Not Explaining Why: Analysis is going beyond a laundry list of facts or defining things.  Tell your reader WHY it happened (or did not) and the IMPACT of the event.  Show what you know and what it means to you as a student of history!

How to Prepare for This

1. Breathe.  This essay has a reputation for being daunting, but you have all the tools to do it well.  It's in the approach!

2. Review the Maps.  Who was where? And, when?

3. Quiz Yourself on Periodization.  The periods of study for this class are:

  1. Foundations:  8000-600BC
  2. Classical Era:  600BC-600AD
  3. Postclassical Era:  600-1450AD
  4. Early Modern Era:  1450-1750AD
  5. Age of Revolutions:  1750-1900AD
  6. Modern Era:  1900-Present

4. Organize Your Info.  Consider the SPRITE chart:

  • Social
  • Political
  • Religious
  • Intellectual
  • Technological
  • Economic

5. Think of the Big Picture:  Unfortunately, we look at a little bit at a time and move on.  Go back to all that we've done so far - piece it together.  Try this:

  1. Take Time to review ALL the times we've looked at, say, India.
  2. Make a post-it of continuities from one unit to the next.
  3. Make a post-it of changes from one unit to the next.
  4. Repeat until through all units for the region.
  5. Review!

6. Seriously, Breathe!:  It may seem daunting, but you know this stuff!  We just need to work together to be able to recall it and effectively communicate this knowledge.  You've done well on the previous two essays!

Anything Else?

How does this thing grade?  Here's the Rubric!

How do I organize paragraphs?  This organizer might help!

Can I re-write the essay if I bomb it?  Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to "get it."  That's why you're in school to learn.  The class grading policy is unchanged from the previous two essay types.