What I Would Do If I Could Not Fail

If I could not fail I would do multiple things. The first thing I would do is go to London, England, United Kingdom. I would get a Visa so I could live there. I would move into a small apartment in Central London. I would start a blog where I would write about many different things. I would write about Celebrities, Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Lifestyle, Food, Events, and whatever else I wanted to write about. I would partner with different companies in the United Kingdom who would pay me to review products they had sent me on my blog. I would also partner with companies who would pay me and send me places to travel all around the world or go to events around London to write about on my blog. I would write for various different companies on my blog and for myself about whatever else I wanted on my blog. I would get paid by the companies I partnered with and I would get paid by advertisers whose adverts would be on my blog.       

A photo taken from a balcony over looking Central London.


Anna, a blogger currently based in London.


A video blog of Anna and her boyfriend Mark leaving London and traveling to New York.


A video blog of Hannah, her husband Stef, and their baby Grayson hanging out with each in different places in and around London.


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By: Allyson Walker



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