Ernest Rutherford

Born August 30, 1871 in South Grove, New Zealand. When he was young he was called "ern".At the age of 10, Rutherford was handed his first science book, at Foxhill School. It was a pivotal moment for Rutherford, given that the book inspired his very first scientific experiment.

his discovery

On January 1st 1911 Ernest discovered the nuclear structure of the atom. He discovered this at his lab. There they did experiments where they found that when alpha particles are fired into gas atoms, a few are violently deflected, which implies a dense, positively charged central region containing most of the atomic mass. Which implies that an atom has a nucleus.

why is this important?

His discovery was important because it proved that atoms had a nucleus. This led to the theory of what the atom looked like. This theory led to him proving the atoms structure.


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