The Desert

The desert has sand,it's very very hot in the desert. In the desert  there is barely any rain at all. There is a lot of cactus they're green. There is over 100,000 land of deserts. There is sand in every were in then desert.

Elf Owls

This is a elf owl it lives in the dessert.  The elf owl lives in a cactus with a little hole so they can get in and out.  They are a carnivore they eat mice.  All owls hunt at night this onebdoes too.  Elf owls are the lightest and the smallest owl in the world.  


Armadillos are omnivore.  They eat plants and insect.  Armadillos have peg-shaped teeth. " Armadillos" are spansh for "little armored thing".  They sleep up to 16 hours.  There's only 3 kinds of Armadillos, that go in a bsll for protection.


A camel is a herbivore. They have a diet is grass, dates, and wheat. They have humps on their back some has one some has two. Camels have wide feet. So they don't sink. They eat any seed or desert plant that they can find. They only have one baby at a time. The baby camels drink their mother milk. Camels keep fat in their humps. People can use heavy lodes on the back of the camel. They rarely sweat.

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