The Toyol

World's Scariest Zombie

The Toyol originated in Malaysia and other southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, Cambodia and Thailand. There is also a Chinese version of the toyol. It is an infant that has come back to life as a zombie. You keep it in a box like a pet. You must feed and protect it, treat like a child and give it toys, milk and biscuits. It has the appearance of a goblin toddler with green skin, no hair, big red eyes, pointy ears and rows of sharp teeth. Sometimes it has hair like a monkey.

If you take good care of the toyol, it will do criminal mischief for you, such as stealing small objects and destroying property. These errands are considered more mischief than crimes.

In Malaysia, having a toyol is considered to be very dark magic. This goes against the Malaysian constitution, which states that you must be a Muslim to be a citizen, and Muslims are not supposed to believe in dark magic.

In order to defeat the toyol, you can use things that make it weak, such as marbles, beans, sand and garlic. These items distract it so that it forgets what it is doing and doesn't commit the crime. The toyol is not very smart and is easy to defeat.

In my opinion, the toyol is the scariest kind of zombie. There is something unnaturally frightening about a little green baby zombie with red eyes. The fact that it can be kept like a pet does NOT make it less scary to me. I would be afraid to go near it. It runs around at night on rooftops and sneaks into people's houses. The idea of a red-eyed zombie baby slinking through my house is very scary to me!

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