Brighton Beach Memoirs
Brianna Chavez

By Neil Simon's

The Great Depression

The Great Depression was a time where people had a rough time finding jobs and trying to get money.A lot of people where affected by this,people losted jobs and homes due to this conflict.But the ones not affected were the rich.It began in 1929 and lasted until about 1939 it was the longest depression ever.It affected people from coast to coast affected by odd,young,rich and  poor.

Colleges In The 1930's

The tuition was $400 for Penn university.The cost of books were $35,the  rooms and boards are $520.The differences between the colleges now and back then is that first the books and rooms were cheaper then now and the tuition is way cheaper then now also.They probably have more careers to choose from also.The mascot is quaker.

The cost for gas in the 1930s was 10cents.The costs of food was basically 30cents to a $1.25. the cost of a new car was $640.00 and by 1939 was $700.00.In  1930 average new house cost $7,145.00 and by 1939 was $3,800.00.Also In 1930 the average income per year was $1,970.00 and by 1939 was $1,730.0.

Stan's Apology Letter

Dear Mr.Stroheim,

I wanted to apologize about the mistake I made by opening my mouth when I shouldn't have.It was my mistake by defending the other coworker,but you gotta understand how hard it is for him.I'm not trying to say you were wrong or anything,I'm just saying.But it was immature for both of us to act the way we did.

But ill do anything to have my job back please.Money is very tight right now.I would like to have my jobs back please.I deserve my spot back because I'm a hard worker.Also I've always did what i had to do and followed your orders,have mercy and help me out.

Money is very tight at the moment  and i need to help my family out right now please.My family's depending on me to support our family.My other man in the house is very ill and I'm the only one helping out.Please I beg you to help me with this and give me my job back.




First show August 15,2002

Cost of tickets were $65 - $95

  Total performane was 2,642.Was at the theater of Neil Simon Theatre.Hairspray has grossed over $265 million during its Broadway run.Running times were 2 hours 45 minutes, with one 15 minute intermission.

Personal Review

To be honest I loved the book.It was hilarous and intesting,it gave alot of examples of responsiblity.The main character was very funny and perverted,like who hits on there cousins.The ending was the best when stanley gave him the poster.He didnt even want to get out of the room because he had that poster.But anyways that was the best part of the story and it was a good book.

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