Scott Bata - A Wide Range of Expertise

Operational logistics is the primary focus of US Army veteran Scott Bata, who has successfully managed numerous programs and projects throughout his six year military career. As a logistics expert, Bata has proven the ability to oversee large teams and complex programs in nearly every phase of his service tenure, ensuring that optimal program efficiency and effectiveness are achieved at each opportunity.

As a Logistics Liaison Officer in Baghdad for over ten months, Scott Bata was integral to the facilitation of Foreign Military Sales contracts that totaled over $3 billion in worth, ensuring that equipment and personnel were properly and effectively managed and maintained. His service in this capacity garnered him the Joint Service Commendation Medal for his efforts throughout his deployment. As a Battalion Operations Officer for the Group Support Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group, Bata successfully developed a comprehensive concept of support for the Airborne’s Joint Readiness Training Center exercise rotation, which lead to much higher efficiency in terms of the soldiers needed to support the Group during the exercise.

Scott Bata, as Battalion S4 Officer-In-Charge, was responsible for the management of a multi-million dollar budget, as well as the development of several key budget analysis systems that lead to far greater efficiencies and ended up saving the unit tens of thousands of dollars. It was also as the S4 Officer-in-Charge that Bata was trusted as a key advisor to the commanding officer regarding all multi-functional logistics. His work in this role helped to produce better overall efficiency and effectiveness for the unit.