A pharmacist is someone who professionally qualifies to prepare and dispose medicine. So pharmacist basically is a cooler version of a chemist.

Required Skills

Skills and qualities required :Memorization, attention to detail, math and science skills, and be able to work with people.

Educational Requirements

Courses required : Calculus, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry,General Biology, Microbiology, Human Physiology, and Biochemistry.

The program of study is about six years.

You can go to the University Of Texas, where these requirements can be met.


They first start out making $77,390 a year. After several years they can make up to  $121,310.

Future Outlook

Finding a job for pharmacy is pretty scarce.  There are 286,400 jobs for the occupation. Pharmacy does have a long future, because people are always getting sick so they need the medicine to help.


This job is pretty nice because of the money made and the advantage of gaining knowledge of medicine.

Similar Job

You could be involved as a chemist if pharmacy doesn't go to well.

Why I enjoy it

This job interests me because of the money. I would fit for this career because I do pretty well in science.

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