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Walton's boat in the North Pole.

Walton travels to the North Pole with his men to find a passageway, but instead he rescues a man by the name of Victor Frankenstein. when Walton gets Victor aboard Victor begins telling his life story and why he is in the North Pole.  

Victor Frankenstein's Monster

Victor begins the story. He tells Walton how his Father Alphonse Married a woman named Caroline, he was the oldest child of the family, victor tells of his adopted sister Elizabeth that he is very protective of. Victor tells Walton how as he grew older that he became very interested in science. He planned to go off to college but before he left his mother died and had one wish of Victor and Elizabeth marrying. He goes off to college in ingolstadt and begins a project of building his own "human". Victor spent all of his time on this monster and his studies. He never even came out of his apartment. But when Victor finally created the monster he was so scary that he ran from him after he brought him to life and he abandoned the monster to fin for himself.

After the Monster has had to live for 2 years by himself and figure out life all alone, he travels to Geneva where Victors family lives. One night while in the woods the Monster runs across Victors little brother William, when William tells the Monster who he is the Monster kills William in rage. Then he frames the family's maid and close friend Justine for the murder. When victor find out his little brother has been murdered he travels home, and in the darkness he sees his Monster. Right then he knows who killed his brother and the hunt begins.

After William's death and Justine's execution Victor becomes depressed. Alphonse, Victors father decides the family should go on vacation and get away for a while. Victor decides to go to the top if the mountain when the family gets where they are going. While up there Victor is confronted by the Monster. the monster tells victor of his life, how he learned, where he lived. He tells Victor of the family's house in which he lived outside, and watched. But how when he revealed himself they beat him and he left. He tells Victor how he wanted revenge on him, that no one wanted him, not even his creator. So he makes Victor a proposition, that he make him a wife and they will run away together never to be seen again. He pleads with Victor, finally Victor gives in.  

Victor and his close Friend Henry Clerval in England

Victor decides that it would probably be best to travel to build his new creation that way the monster will follow him and his family will be safe. So him and his good friend Henry Clerval travel to England and to Scotland. Once in Scotland Victor puts Henry off on someone he knows while he ventures off to make his new monster.

Victor building his the Monsters wife

While Victors works on his new creation he begins to think what if this new monster doesn't like the old one? What if they don't run away together? What if they reproduce? What have i done? He happens to look up while thinking these things and he sees the monster staring at him. at that moment he destroys what he's working on. In an outrage the monster tells Victor he will be with him on his wedding night. That this is not over. He will seek revenge.

Victor washed up on land

Victor takes what he has destroyed and dumps it in the ocean, after rough seas take him far off shore he worries he may die. After falling asleep and waking again Victor finds himself washed up on the bank of a small town, being accused of a murder that had taken place the night before. Victor gets taken into custody, and the magistrate takes victor to see the body thinking if he killed the man, surely he will react. When they get there Victor see's that the body is Henry Clerval, and he recognizes the hand marks of the Monster around his neck.  After freaking out he is arrested for the murder and thrown in jail. While in jail Victor becomes very ill. After his sick spell, when victor awakes his dad is there to bail him from jail and bring him home.


On their way home to Geneva, Victor and Alphonse stop in Paris to allow Victor to completely recover. While there Victor receives a letter from Elizabeth asking if he is in love with another, to which Victor replies she is his joy. The letter reminds Victor of the Monster. Victor and his father finally gt home and when they get there Elizabeth and Victor begin to plan there wedding.    

Victor and Elizabeth on their wedding day

After Victor and Elizabeth get married they prepare to go on their honeymoon to the family's cottage. Once they get to the cottage Elizabeth gets killed by the Monster. Overcome by Elizabeth's death Victor goes home and tells his father. Shocked by the news Alphonse dies of grief. Victor finally breaks his secret of the monster and try's to get help but everyone thinks he is just mad and they will not help him.

Victor on the hunt for the Monster

Victor is now on the hunt. The Monster keeps leaving clues for Victor to find him. Victor made it to the  North Pole, he was in very bad shape, so he took a sledge and dogs and continued to chase the Monster who was also on a sledge. Finally Victor was in seeing distance of the Monster but the ice broke and he lost him. that is when Victor seen Walton's boat and he got rescued from the ice and the cold.

Walton and Victor Talking

Victors story comes to an end. He tells Walton that if he shall die he wants him to hunt the monster and kill him. Meanwhile the boat crew wants to go home. Victor tells Walton that if they are returning to England he wants off the boat but unfortunately Victor dies before his wish could be carried out. Later that night while sleeping Walton hears a voice coming from Victors room. When he goes in the sees the monster standing over Victor, asking for forgiveness and telling Victor that hes going to burn himself and he will no longer have to deal with his horrible life. Then the Monster jumps out the window and disappears into the darkness.

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