ken's holiday page

I hope everyone can find a reason to celebrate their holiday break!
Here are my reasons for be

2013 - Top Ten Reasons I Am Thankful This Year!

  1. im thankfull for every day im alive
  2. for having a caring mother to put food and a roof over my head
  3. giving thanks to the kids in need for being strong
  4. for my friends who support me

      Don't lick a single stamp this season. Save time and money by sending a holiday Tackk. Update your world with an old-fashioned holiday letter, some family pictures, even videos. Share it with your social friends or email it to family.

      2. Dear Santa.
      Letters to Santa aren't just a great way to learn what's on your munchkin's wish list. They also make perfect persuasive-writing lessons in the classroom. Don't let kids boss Santa around with shopping lists. Teach them to make a case for it.

      3. Put it on the list.
      Never get another fruitcake from Grandma again. Tackk your most wanted gifts and share with friends and family. Add pictures, links and details of why you belong on the NICE list this year. (Don't forget send a post-holiday thanks Tackk too!)

      4. More ways to deck the halls.
      You can also invite friends to your White Elephant Gift Exchange and promote this year's Ugly Sweater Party. Tackk your holiday wreath DIY project or that recipe for figgy pudding. Tell your Christmas memories or share the best holiday playlist.