Polar Bears

You  see this? yeah this little guy could die cause of climate change. poor thing...

Climate change is a real thing. Its affecting many lifeforms, land forms and weather. Like no joke. And like its stated up above, polar bears are one of these animals being affected by climate change. So read on and Ill tell you how.

See this? A beautiful sight no? It obviously is. I don't care what you say. Anyways, this wonderful thing is the arctic ice. But due to climate change its melting. And due to its melting, animals are dying, sea levels are rising and weather is getting hotter and fiercer.

Oh thought I didnt have any proof? HAHA. Well heres some TRUE proof that climate change and global warming is real. Over the past 120 years shown in the graph the temperature had risen over 0.6 degrees Celsius. BUT WAIT, THERES MORE!

Here it shows from 1900-2000. That's 1000 years right there. In the year 1900 the average  global temperature was 50.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Then over the years, in the year 2000 the global average temperature was 55 degrees. Now this graph was a little more in general than specifics so the temperature in this graph the temperature actually rose 5 degrees rather than 0.6 degrees.


Obviously here's full out proof that climate change is real. BUT there are ways to stop it.


Saving energy can play a major role in stopping climate change.


Creating less trash will help stop climate change. Trash can produce a gas called Methane that is a green house gas. Making less trash will stop producing it and boom! Stopping climate change one step at a time.


It kinda falls into the step above. Re-use any items that you can. Make new things with them and there you go. Less trash, and slowly stopping climate change.


You learned about climate change. And you also know to stop it. Use this information wisely. And save the polar bears!

Created by: Dwayne M. Noelani S. and Lester B.

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