C David Baker

Sports Executive and Businessman

About C David Baker

As the former commissioner of the Arena Football League (AFL), C. David Baker has a string of achievements to his name. Under his leadership, estimated team values grew from $175,000 to as much as $32 million for an AFL team, and the total annual team and league revenue increased to more than $100 million. Furthermore the reputation of the AFL as one of the most fan-friendly leagues in sports was cemented during the tenure of C. David Baker.

In addition to his sports management credentials, C. David Baker has legal experience. Having earned a juris doctor from the Pepperdine School of Law, he has served as an attorney with expertise in real estate law and corporate M&A.

He is now managing partner at InvXtus, LLC, and Union Village in Henderson, Nevada. The project has been described as the first integrated health village in the world. It sits on 228 acres of land, and includes living facilities for 1,500 seniors, a health-focused shopping mall, and an education center.

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