How is our goverment doing?

By Ivan mora

Homeless veterans

Veterans of resent wars without a home.

The Constitution claims it is suppose to provide the general welfare, yet nearly 50000 war veterans were either living on the streets or at risk of losing there home. They are trying to improve the quality of there lives such as Virginia by funding a record annual amount of $300 million, a program that places a priority on finding immediate shelter for veterans or helping those at risk of homelessness to keep their homes.

Obama tries to expanding education.

Our president seems to be trying to provide general welfare by expanding our education. "I'm working with Congress where I can to accomplish this," he said. "But I'm also going to take action on my own if Congress is deadlocked. He talked to colleges and universities about of widening for disadvantaged students.

Obama Says Collection of U.S. Phone Data Will End

President Obama will be establishing justice by ending the collection of phone data in the US. "The reforms I'm proposing today should give the American people greater confidence that their rights are being protected, even as our intelligence and law enforcement agencies maintain the tools they need to keep us safe," he said during a speech at the Justice Department.

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