European Exploration Proposal

By: Franziska Bower-Heeg

I Gretchen Heinrich am the person to pick for this exploration my King. In this proposal you will see and know why, your Majesty.

I am from Berlin, Germany and I plan to set sail in the year of 1507. This is before most of the other explorers are planning to go.

What I Offer and What I Need for It.

Once I land in the Americas I plan to search for resources, natives, a passageway through the land, and I look to establish a trading post. The resources that I will look for are gold, animal skins. I am going to try and establish a good relationship with the natives so that we could help each other out in times of trouble. A passageway through the country would help Europe trade with China and the neighboring countries. I also look to establish a trading post to gather or trade to get the things we need. To think all of this will have a connection with you my King, because you would be the one to sponsor the expedition of Gretchen Heinrich.

What I will need along with sponsor is that you provide enough people power to go on this journey. I will need about 300 people to make this journey across the ocean waters.

The Spread

Once I get to the Americas I will spread Christianity with the Indians that I find. If the Indians do not bend to this idea of Christianity then I will put Christianity into there blood with force.

Why Rush

The other Kings of the land are also sending explorers to the Americas. If you want something on your plate you need to send someone soon. A lot of these other explorers are also looking for the same things as I we are my King. Kings all around Europe are sending explorers to the Americas to clam land. If you do not send me fast enough all of the land will be gone before we get there.

The Obstacles and Overcoming

When I reach the Americas I will be proud. I expect to meet many obstacles on my journey across the ocean. The weather on the ocean will probably be bad on some days. So I will fight the weather and I will try to bring Christianity to the Indians. I believe that that will be an obstacle as well.

The way that I expect to overcome these obstacles are to be strong and use manpower. To fight the seas I will use the people to fight the seas with hope and strength. With the Indians an Christianity I will forcefully put Christianity into their blood.

The Trading Post

I will explore the St. Lawrence river and use this location as a trading post. Your Majesty, we need to establish a trading post soon or else we will not have a way to trade goods with other countries and towns. We could trade animal skins for many things such as rich minerals and resources. Other people could also trade animal skins for the things that we have plentiful.

King Louis VIII I am the person to pick for this voyage. You will be happy my King.

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