Te'vasia's Product for Research Paper about Japan’s Tsunami and Earthquake

Sending Christmas cards to the American soldiers through American Red Cross


Doing disaster relief, volunteer work, through American Red Cross

Pictures of emails from different American Red Cross Directors

After orientation with Mr. Lynwood, I started my process with gathering Christmas cards for the American soldiers. I received help from many classmates!

I was able to collect 60+ cards, during my first week! Both handwritten and pre-made, with personal notes.

Ever since I determined that my project was going to be on the tsunami and earthquakes that destroyed parts of Japan, in 2011, I knew that I wanted to work with American Red Cross (ARC), for my product. The reason why I chose ARC instead of any other disaster relief program, is because I remember immediately after the tsunami and earthquakes happened, ARC was the first and most productive organization when it came to helping the victims. Although this is true, there are other distasters that have occurred since that time, so ARC no longer helps the victims of the Japanese Tsunami. Therefore, I am not directly working with those victims, but I will continue my work with ARC and help out other victims of other disasters.

Sending Christmas cards to American soldiers, through American Red Cross, relates to my research topic, because supporting our troops, those who put their lives in risk, everyday, for us, but are affected by not being able to be with their families for the holidays, represents the support of those affected by the Japanese tsunami and earthquakes, gained support by everyone in the United States (also, with the help of other countries).

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