Reflection Project

By: Kyler Drummer

My Career Cluster

My top Cluster was Law, Public Safety and Corrections and Security. My interest profile is SE and the Outlook for a job in this field is good. I would like to be a Detective or an investigator in this cluster.


My personality components are ISTJ that stand for Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, judging. I am shy which would not help me in being a Investigator. Overtime i believe that i can over come shyness.


Business Law, Personal Finance, U.S Government.

Cultural/ethnic studies, Gym, Psychology , Language.

On the Job

Some have work evening, weekend or overnight shifts. Be on call to respond to emergencies any time of the day. Work for local federal government agencies. High level of teamwork. Coworkers depend on you to protect each other's saftey and ell being.


People orientation, Patience, confidentially, critical-thinking, Selective attention, Physical endurance, Problem-solving.


What i want to be is a Detective because that job is what i want to do for a very long time. I have a lot of skills that i can put to good use as a Detective.

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