By:Tiffany Savannah & Kallie

Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933. He led the Nazis through totalitarian means from 1933-1945. The nazis were founded originally to promote German pride and anti semitism. However, they became to powerful for their own good killing over 5.5 million Jews and over 1 million other victims.

Nazis set up concentration camps to execute all the imperfect races of the world. The killing that occurred in these concentration camps ranged from infants to elders. Nazis believed they were superior to other races therefore they thought if other people had the slightest problem they should be killed. However, few did make it out alive. Jews were put in these camps to occupy time, but if they spoke up or rebel they were shot on the spot. They had a specific duty and specific clothes to wear and if they did not follow the rules, they were killed. These peoples lives were a game to the Nazis.

Many Jews went through horrific experiments that nazis brought upon them trying to find cures and establish better equipment for the German army.Some of these include putting victims in ice cold water for 5 hours so the Nazis could find a way to treat Nazi pilot forced to eject into icy ocean water. Another experiment was the phosgene gas. Nazis would trap Jews in camps with phosgene gas in order to find an antidote to the compound. These and many other experiments were just some of the ways the Jews suffered and died during WWII.

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