Coaching Digital Learning | Cultivating a Culture of Change MOOC-Ed

Vision & Purpose

Participant Statistics

  • 825 Participants
  • 47 countries | 41 states and the District of Columbia
  • Roles Involved |

Top THREE Goals Identified:

  • Become a better coach or mentor to other teachers or preservice teachers
  • Share what I learn with colleagues in my school/district
  • Collaborate professionally with other educators

Unique Design Features

Authentic Activities

Next Steps

  • Continuing Twitter Hashtag PLN
  • ISTE 2014 TweetUp
  • Blog for EdTech Women Online Community | The CDL MOOC-Ed Team
  • Connecting FI MOOC-Ed to more PD, F2F events & NCSU Graduate Course
  • Specific Design-Based Research
    • Analysis and Synthesis of Mid- and Post of Course Surveys
    • Virtual Focus Group
    • Tweaks for Next Run | DLC Team Reflection
  • Developing Coaching MOOC-Ed Part II

Questions for NAB

  • Could you help us identify our blind spots in terms of the content/field needs and reaching our audience?
  • What other underserved groups of educators do we need to be thinking about?
  • What do you see as being an essential piece for next iteration or Part II of the Coaching Digital Learning MOOC-Ed?

Thank You!

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