internet safety at home

1. I will not give personal information out to anyone

2. I will tell someone if something looks suspishes     

3. I will nt talk to anyone I don't know on the internet

author- child rescue network

article tittle- internet safety

website name-

author- kids health

article- internet safety



author-word press

article tittle-un bringing child rights into the digital age

website name-



5. I will never respond to a messege if I don’t know ho it is.

6. I will talk to my parents about seting up rule for going online and using mobil phone

7. I will not give 4. I will talk to my parents about posting something on the enternet at all.

out any password of any kind.

8. I will all ways check with my parents to download anything on any device.

9. I will be a good citizen online and wont hurt people.

10. I will help my parents under stand online safety

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