Belief Systems


About Animism

Animism is located in Africa. They don't have a holy text or book. They have a great respect for nature. Their main beliefs are that they worship spirits of nature, like the trees and animals. They also worship their ancestors.


Shinto's place of origin is Japan. they have a great respect for the natural world. they also have a great respect for their emperors in the past. they believe the spirits of kami exist in all things including their emperor, which they see an godlike.


Hinduism's place of origin is India. they try to lead a good life, as in their thoughts and behavior. their main beliefs are reincarnation which is one's soul is reborn into another form until perfection is reached.


the origin of Buddhism is India. they learned to accept what life brings to them. their main belief is to end suffering you have to end your desires.


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