My Holidays!

P!nk The Truth About Love!

On Sunday i hade Grace come over for my birthday party. We got there at 7:00pm mum gave us each $50.00 to spend igot a top,a bag, a drink bottle and a glow stick. They opend the doors at  7:15pm we found our seats and the spport act started, The Kin they were not really that good comming from a pink concert.

Then at 8:30pn this guy was in the crowed he was wearing a red sparkly top and pants he also hade a pkack wig on. He waked down the stairs people took photos of him.He went to thether side other side of the stadium and he  found a bold guy in the crowd first he kissed it then he rubbed his head and then he put his tongue on this head.Then we saw him on the stage he was the host for the night. He asked the crowd if the want to come on the stage we all went insane and pink was in the crowd. Then e saw her in the air singing Try. Then she did a really dance to Just Like A Pill. She did a little dance class for everyone, Grace and i did pretty well at it. Pink did some of her old songs, she she flew around the place. Pink also did So What a nd flew around the room. My favourite song is True Love.

We took us 30min to get out of the car park we got back to our place at 1:45am.         

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