Civil War Journal
By Kathryn Parker

Journal #1

I am Kathryn Parker. I was first a house hold wife until my husband had to go away. He was forced to enlist. I have never thought before that I would think of slavery in dept. I have recently read Harriet Beecher Stowe's book, Uncle Tom's Cabin, and it made me think for a long time about how I never though or asked anybody how it worked. I felt like I need to do something beneficial to everyone. I had enlisted my self after a few months so my husband wouldn't know. I had choose to become a spy. In a few weeks I would be moving to the border and living there. I also decide to travel down into the South after a few months so I don't get suspected.

Journal 3

A:Hi possum, you’re fit as a fiddle
B: Just toeing the mark. Got anything to pass on?

A:I have this note, but it will look like greenbacks. You’ll have to give em’ to the skunks.

B:It might have hard knocks and played out a lot by the time we get there but I’ll make sure they get it by the end of the week.

A:Make sure that you don’t become a jailbird.

B: Don’t worry I’m a hard case but I better skedaddle pretty soon.

A:I better too. I’ll be top rail with this note.

B:I’ll be sure to get it to the Yankees before the Greybacks can even find out anything

A:Hunkey dorey, I’ll see you at the end of the week.

B:Great! I’ll see if I can bring you back some Goobers

A: Good luck

B: Goodbye

Photo: Morning

I had recently woke up early and found myself seeing the early mooring sun.

Though I long to write a letter to my husband it would take a long time for him to get it. I am currently moving down the Southern states, but I have only reached to Tennessee. I could say that I'm some what close to Shiloh. I live in a small house. I do the regular old chores that I need to do. I clean some clothing, bake some things to sell, and work out in the local market. I am faced with many sad slaves and Southerns that look at me because I am recently new.

Journal #4

Jeremiah is going to be a new recruit. He will be having a higher chance of dying since his troop will be staying in one spot . Plus he will not have the advantage. I bet he will be scared since he is only 13 and is still young. He won't also understand what is happening most of the time too His small routes will be difficult for him since he will have a problem on what to choose.

Photo: Color

I was walking down near the market to find these in somebodies yard. Aren't they lovely.

Journal #6

Chorus:Where off to go fight

Where off to go fight

One by one we'll leave our wives

Chorus:We'll love you

We'll write back

We'll remember you

Chorus:Where off to go fight

Where off to go fight

One by one we'll leave everything behind

Chorus:March, march,march

Trouble everywhere

I love you

And you'll love me

Journal #5

I have recently move around a lot. My life has been very secretive and very worrying. Most of the time though I walk to past time and to past on notes and things to others. I was walked on the edges of rivers and made bread to sell. I have also been talking to my neighbors. Not much to talk about though. The only food I have eaten the whole time was some steak with salt and carrots and peas braised in butter and chicken stock . Everyday and only once or twice a day. I also have dried salted peas. Its not so filling.

Photo: Battle

I have been waling to the next time and I was scared for life. I saw dead men on the ground. There bodies covered in maggots and flies. Their loved ones will never see them.

Journal #7

As I stop to the next own, I had seen soldiers with bullet would and diseases that no body wanted in the town. The bullet would had been taken care by a doctor who knew nothing about the medical practices. It seemed like that though because he seem to be unsure when a soldier had come up to him. Another doctor was using his hands to take out a bullet. I had seem them with malaria and dysentery, but I mostly saw them with diarrhea. I had to take care of the soldiers too. They had wanted water all the time and they had a problem with their stomach. I didn't want to bleed them or sweat them at all.

Photo: Fun

I had always tried to sew at what I had left of my day. I would sew some men clothes so I can give them to the men when I sew them. I also had made them some tents.

Journal #8

Dear Husband,

If your still alive to see this letter, I have enrolled myself as a spy in the beginning of the war. I have fought for the Union. Right after you left. I felt like I need to do something. I will be coming home soon. I have been walking far and wide,now coming back. I have seen bodies and people who were on the ground left behind to die. The houses I stayed at had men and I had seen fights of many sorts. One with bayonets or the cannonballs that rained down on the last town. Would you wait? I love you very much dear. I need to say this again, if you ever get to read this. And don't cry. You'll be waiting and I'll be waiting.

                                                                                                         Your wife,


Photo: Home

Here's the house again, now I wait for my husband. When I go in to must be cleaning the house. Nothing much has changed though.

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