My name is Katrín and my hobbies is sports, baking and animals. So you are gonna see a lot of photos of my pets and cakes and some sport stuff.

This is two of my pets. I have got four cats and one dog and i love them so much.

I really like any types of sports but my favorite sport is handball. If i see a ball i will call some of my friend and scream in the phone and appoint him to come over and play with me!!!

That is me. I don't use makeup but what ever. I think you don't care about it.

I loooooooooove to bake. If someone asks me to bake i run to the stand mixer.

This is not a cake that i baked but i'm gonna bake cake like this soon.

I'm the only one at my home that want's to bake every day but my mom doesn't like it.

I thing i'm the only one that bake's in my family, i bake for my mom, i bake for my dad, i bake for my grandma and i bake for everybody but i am just twelve years old.

It's time to talk about sports!!!!

My favorite sport is handball and i'm really good to it.

I don't know why but here is a .... ball

WOW!!!! This is a big ball.

Anyways. I like every types of sports.

My favorite sport is handball that's because i put a photo of a ball.

I hope you like my blog.


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