Understanding Social Development of Infants

By: Sydney Georges and Tre'Shaun Jackson

*social development- how to interact and learn to express oneself with another.

*how a baby learns social behavior-

+cause and effect- when babies coo and smile they are rewarded with laughter and praise.

+imitation- model the behavior of parents and adults they see throughout their childhood.

+stranger anxiety- most babies need time to understand the anxiety of being around strangers which is why they scream often. This is also a normal part of social development.

+play throughout the first year- play simple games with them like hide and seek or read a book to them.

+exploration- let them explore their world. Sometimes they have to fall and learn what the pain feels like so that they can learn from it.

*Play and explorations help the baby develop socially by letting them use their 5 senses. They play with toys to help them explore the different colors and textures. Encouragement and positive responses from adults motivate and provide a reason for babies to explore and learn.

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