1/28/15       Do you strongly agree, agree, disagree or strongly disagree? Explain.

Power corrupts those who have it.

I strongly agree with this statement because I know examples of people who abuse their power. A great example for power abuse, is Argentina's ex president, Nestor Kirschner. Whenhe was elected, Argentina was getting out of an enourmous economical crisis, and he kind of helped the countryto get out of it. After two years being president, Mr. Kirschner bought a huge piece of land in the south of Argentina that was really cheap at the time, but after four years he sold it at a price that tripled its original value. After some years of investigation, it was discovered that Mr. Kirschner used classified marketing information from the government to know what to buy at that time.

Laws of god(s) / tradition are kore important than laws made by a government.

I strongly disagree with this statement becuase the laws made by a government, are for a whole country to comply, while the laws made by gods or traditions are only applicable to those who belive in that god or tradition. A great example of this is the US, because they have a population that is dominated by jews, catholics and muslims religious people. All of this three religions have different traditions and perspectives towards their god, and that is great, but if those laws or traditions would be more important than the laws voted by the government, their could be a very big conflict.

Our lives are fated to play out in certain ways.

Their is no evidence surrounding this topic, it all depends on ones beliefs. I strongly disagree with this statement because our level of science and inteligence would have discover something like this already. I also think that a lot of feelings such as curiosity, excitement, etc wouldn't excists, because what is going to happen next is already planned. This is what I believe, but other religious people believe very different things about this statement, so I personally think it is an unknown.

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