South Korea

May 5th

Population-49,039,986 people live in South Korea.

Life Expectancy- The average life expectancy is 79.8 years old.

Poverty Rate- Under 16%.


Number of Internet Users- There are roughly 55,049,000, internet users.

Gross National Product- South Korea is roughly worth  1129.60 U.S billion dollars.

Challenges of the Future- North Korea.

Culture- that family is above everything else. If father has power and dies/steps down the oldest son will take his power.

Language-Korean & English. English is mainly taught in school grades 7-12.

Religion- There are many different religions in South Korea. Christian 31.6% (Protestant 24%, Roman Catholic 7.6%), Buddhist 24.2%, other or unknown 0.9%, and 43.3% in a South Korea have no religion.

Type of Government- South Korea is a Republic.

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