social reforms

by Clay Calhoun

prison and asylum reforms

the Prison and Asylum reform was started by the Pennsylvania prison society to help reform inmates and to make prison conditions better. the movement hopped to accomplish a better way to reform people in  prison and to provide better conditions for people living there. They started by confining prisoners to their own sell and putting them to work as laborers. Penn Quaker and Dorothea Dixon were two important people in this reform.

William Penn who founded Pennsylvania and who had been incarcerated in England before. Decided to abolish the death penalty for committing crimes unless it was for murder and decided to set up laws that fined prisoners forced them to do labor.

Dorthea Dix was a very important reform leader but focused more on better care for mentally ill people. She pushed for better living conditions for both prisoners and mentally ill people in prisons and wanted special places were the mentally ill could receive special care and help. She caused many states to pass laws that improved and helped mentally ill people and prison living conditions.

Temperence reform

In the early 1900s most people in the united states began to blame Alcohol as the cause of most of societies  problems. It was not an extremely new idea but it truly gained power during this time period. By supporting the Temperance movement people hoped that society would become better and that it would help people become "virtuous". The overall goal was to get rid of Alcohol but the majority of people excepted a very limited amount  of it as ok . The Temperance movement managed to convince the government to pass the 18th amendment to the constitution wich banned all sale and consumption of Alcohol. Although the 18th amendment was repealed in 1933 due to many people making illegal,unregulated and untaxed liquor of their own and causing increased crime. From this people decided to now move towards culturally getting rid of drinking since doing it legally utterly failed and made it worse.

Education reform

The Education reform started due to a lack of education for kids and hoped to make children grow into better adults by receiving an education and was started by Horace Mann.

Horace Mann who is called "The father of American public schools" . He was Massachusetts state supervisor of education and got people to vote to pay taxes that would fund better public schools for education. He also created a new collage for women and men called Antioch College in Ohio. The amount of people going to schools started to dramatically increase and most boys attended school.


Abolition was a major reform to get rid of slavery Because it was considered cruel and morally wrong. People had since Slavery was started ben trying to stop it due to weather having been a victim of it or morely not being able to accept it.These people were called abolitionists and spoke heavily against slavery. Although often violence was thrown at them due to this.

Fredrick douglass was an escaped slave who spoke out against slavery. He told people all the cruel and harsh things they had done to him while he was enslaved and thus moved many people against it.

Sojourner Truth was a former slave who preached that god would end slavery peacefully. She also helped to change peoples views on slavery from a religious point of view. This was enough that congress made it illegal to import slaves in 1808. This cause many northerners to give slavery up, But most southerners relied heavily on it and refused to give it up since they made so much money of of it.

Women's Rights

Women were treated as very little in the early 1800s and had very few rights. While men had almost complete control over what they did. The Seneca Falls Convention was held by women to advocate women's rights and to decide on the best way to accomplish gaining them. They wanted to be able to have the same rights as men such as voting, property owning, and other things.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a huge contributor to women's rights as she was one of the people who created the Seneca Falls Convention. As well as speaking at it and then spending years afterwards writing speeches Advocating women's rights.

Lucretia Mot also was a big Advocate of women's rights. She had preached before Against slavery and for womens rights. Although she didn't make a speech she was also one of the women who had organized the Seneca Falls Convention.

The Senica Falls Convention was a big start for womens rights even though only one woman lived long enough to eventually legally vote for a president.


I believe we should join the ABolitionist movement. I find Slavery cruel and inhuman and unfair to the people who are victims of it. People are still people and that should be enough of a reason to treat African-Americans as humans. No matter how much money you make you still must treat others with some respect and dignity. This movement seemed the most powerful and necessary reform to our government.

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